Walter Wolff, pianist. over Michiel stemmer

I recently bought a Yamaha G1 baby grand from Henk Hupkes piano shop in Zeist. The piano had been completely revised by technician Michiel Haagsma, and now after playing this piano every day for almost a year I am still astonished by how incredibly good the instrument both sounds and plays. I could not have hoped for a better instrument to do my daily practice, playing and composing on and that is all thanks to Michiels devotion to his work and to his great craftsmanship.

Whenever I need a piano tuned or looked over, be it at home or at a concert, I call Michiel and he has not ever let me down. He is reliable, flexible and fast and he always has a solution whatever the problem may be, but foremost he is also just really really good at his job!

Walter Wolff

piano player

    maandag, 25 april 2011